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Chapter 2705 Heavenly Flame Demon Domain

“The divine families have shut themselves off.”

News spread. After Long Aotian fled, the divine families also brought away Feng Fei, Ye Liangchen, and Jiang Wuchen. All of them had retreated to their territory and shut the spatial channels connecting them to the continent.

This action also indicated that the divine families’ collaboration with the Martial Heaven Continent had come to an end. In fact, the divine families might even be their enemies in the future.

However, this news wasn’t important. This was all within expectations.

“The invading armies from the Yin Yang World, Devil Spirit Mountain, Resentful Death City, and the newly opened demonic beast battlefield in the Southern Xuan Region have all retreated.”

This news was also within expectations. The High Priest and the others all understood why this was happening.

Although their enemies hadn’t managed to take the karmic luck pearl, their interference had caused it to be destroyed. As the Martial Heaven Continent could no longer give birth to a Sovereign, there was no need for them to press the attack at this time.

Time was actually on their side now. Each of their worlds would have a Sovereign, and they would trample over the continent.

“High Priest, how is Long Chen?” asked Meng Qi.

Long Chen’s eyes were shut, and his aura was gone without a trace. As even his spiritual fluctuations could not be sensed, Meng Qi and the others were all pale with worry. They watched as the High Priest pressed a hand on Long Chen’s forehead.

“No need to worry. He is in a special recovery state. There is no danger to his life,” announced the High Priest, allowing everyone to relax.

At this moment, the lightning dragons from the lightning domain had retreated. The dragon emperor saw that Long Chen was well protected and left.

All the lightning dragons had benefited immensely this time. The energy of the divine lightning in this tribulation was enough for them to ascend to an even higher level.

The dragon emperor in particular had absorbed a huge amount of thunderforce due to fighting alongside Long Chen. When those four swords stabbed through him, it also absorbed a huge amount of lightning.

Upon returning to the lightning domain, they would need some time digesting this new energy. Furthermore, this also changed the lightning domain as this divine lightning was unleashed. Due to taking in more divine lightning than they could endure, the dragons unleashed the extra into the lightning domain, storing it there while they slowly absorbed it.

As emperor of this domain, all their power was the dragon emperor’s, so the dragon emperor forged ahead to another metamorphosis.

At this moment, the Pill Fairy glanced at the slumbering Long Chen and also left with Wan Qing without a word. During the entire process, she had been like a spectator. She hadn’t interfered. It was as if the karmic luck pearl and the Sovereigns didn’t pique her interest.

Within Pill Valley’s divine palace, there were two towering statues. Those were statues of the G.o.ds that Pill Valley wors.h.i.+ped, Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight. At this moment, divine runes were quivering at their foreheads, giving off intimidating pressure. Others didn’t even dare to look at the statues directly, as if the two G.o.ds were truly staring back at them.

“Why didn’t you take action? It was such a good opportunity!” shouted Yu Xiaoyun as soon as the Pill Fairy and Wan Qing walked in.

Although he was within the palace, he was well aware of everything that had happened in the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring.

“If you had attacked earlier, before the Heaven Devastating Bracelet, the dragon woman wouldn’t have had a chance to absorb so much karmic luck. With the support of both G.o.ds, you would have had at least a forty percent chance of becoming the Sovereign. Instead, you stood there like a blockhead! What were you thinking?!

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