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1012. Extra Eleven (2) THE ENDTranslator: Guy Gone Bad

Seeing him leave, Feng Ming also left.

Long Jinghua looked at this scene, frowning, “Father, they left.”

The dragon king looked at him and said, “I saw it.”

“The phoenix king is too…”

The Dragon Emperor gave a wry smile and said, “What can he do even if he stays?”

He neither had the heart to kill Cang Qian nor had the ability to kill Jingtian. So, out of sight, out of mind.

Of course he could understood Feng Li. So many years, he still could do nothing with his big son.

Cang Qian threw a wink at Boss Long, “Hey, the phoenix king has left, so has your old man.”

Boss Long nodded, saying disapprovingly, “What does it have anything to do with us? Do you want to ask them to stay and have dinner with us?”

Cang Qian picked his eyebrow, “Is it because the meat I roasted smells too good, so they feel hungry and go home to eat food?”

Boss Long laughed and said, “You are really confident of your cooking skills!”

Cang Qian, “…”

While eating the roast meat, Boss Long suddenly smiled evilly, “Is it enough? If not, there are still a few birds outside. I can catch them now.”

Cang Qian, “…”

As his words fell, Cang Qian heard a flurry of fluttering outside.

Boss Long have a cold hum, “Cowards!”

Cang Qian rolled a white eye, thinking in his heart, if they have the b.a.l.l.s, they are already being roasted now!

Since Boss Long got promoted to the late stage of divine king cla.s.s, he became more unscrupulous, bringing Cang Qian to wander around everywhere.

And the dragon race and phoenix race could only turn a blind eye.

In just a few months, Cang Qian grew fatter and fatter, and his strength also crossed from the early stage of the void divine cla.s.s into the real divine cla.s.s.

“What’s the matter?” Boss Long looked at Cang Qian who was thinking about something.

Cang Qian looked at him, shrugged his shoulders and said, “King Feng Ming sent me a message and said he wants to see me.”

‘”What did that silly bird want from you?” Boss Long asked.

Cang Qian shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know!”

Boss Long said with dissatisfaction, “That guy is not good-looking. Why see him? Turn him down.”

Cang Qian said, “But I think I should go see him. After all, he is the phoenix king. Doesn’t it look cool with a bunch of minions following behind? Besides, isn’t Feng Ming handsome? I think he is handsome.”

Boss Long rolled a white eye, “I don’t think so. Just a beast with feathers all over.”

Cang Qian, “…”

After consultation, Boss Long finally decided to let Cang Qian go to see Feng Ming.

“Glad you’d like come to see me.” Feng Ming smiled.

“You are the phoenix king!” Head of all birds! “I should show you some face anyway.” Cang Qian smiled faintly.

Feng Ming gave a bitter smile, “This position is supposed to be yours.”

“Oh, don’t say that, if I take that position, Boss Long will e

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