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Chapter 585 Chapter 585 – A Sword

Of course, it was the same in reality. From what Chen Heng could sense, the time aura on this body was extremely dense. From its looks, it should have existed for many years. This long sword was the most inconspicuous one in the Sword Tomb surroundings. Such weapons were everywhere, so it was not worth being surprised at all.

Chen Heng frowned after feeling it, as he finally understood his situation. He had successfully reincarnated and arrived in another world. However, there seemed to be a mistake in his reincarnation this time. Chen Heng had already experienced different ident.i.ties in the past simulation. However, no matter what, the ident.i.ties he had experienced in the past simulation were mostly real people. Even if they weren’t human, they were at least intelligent beings that could move freely.

Yet, the simulation this time was good. It turned him into a sword. ‘A sword? How was he going to proceed with the next simulation step?’ Chen Heng thought and frowned in his heart.

If it were a life form that could move freely, it would still be fine. With Chen Heng’s ability, he would eventually find an opportunity to become stronger and gradually rise slowly, whether he was an ordinary person or another intelligent being. However, a sword could neither move nor communicate with others. How should he proceed with the simulation?

As he was thinking, a turbulent flow appeared in the distance. Chen Heng subconsciously raised his head and looked into the distance.

He could sense a terrifying turbulent flow in the distance, rus.h.i.+ng in all directions. It seemed to be a highly concentrated Gen Qi, containing a tremendous power from the outside world, with ma.s.sive Power of Law traces.

“Is this the Outer World?” Chen Heng saw the scene when Gen Qi appeared.

There seemed to be an even larger world outside this Sword Tomb. Or rather, that was the real world. The Sword Tomb that Chen Heng was currently in was more like an artificial secret realm rather than calling it a world. It was an incomplete world, not different from the secret realms that Chen Heng had previously encountered.

‘However, is the law aura in this world so obvious?’ Chen Heng was thinking.

From the aura that flashed past the outside world, he could feel the unmistakable traces of the laws. From his first impression, though he had not gone deep into it, the traces of the laws in this world seemed much more apparent than those in the World of G.o.ds. The Power of Laws was even more hidden in the World of G.o.ds. Besides legendary existences, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to capture and comprehend them.

‘However, the traces of laws seemed to be more apparent in this world, and the threshold of comprehension might be much lower.’ Chen Heng thought, and then he looked in front.

Everything not far away also began to unfold under his True Spirit Power’s sensing. The Sword Tomb also became active as the

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