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Chapter 119 - Extra #2

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In April, the sound of a basketball swis.h.i.+ng through the basket and landing on the ground resounded all over the court.

“The freshmen and soph.o.m.ores are quite lively.” As he came out of the school building, the cla.s.s monitor stretched out and said to the friends by his side, “What do you say? Go to a restaurant?”

“Okay ah, let’s go to the Sichuan restaurant from last time ba, it’s spicy enough.”

“Only if you guys agree to not ply me with alcohol ah. I have a big instance to do in the game tonight.”

“f.u.c.k, you’re acting as if no one else also has to do instances.”

As NCH launched its new expansion, the game’s popularity had soared. Many old players returned one after another. This college group also agreed to all join a new server to settle in the wild and create a new guild.

Only when they had finished chatting did Xiang Huaizhi look away from the end of the basketball court. “You guys go ahead ba, I’m not going.”

“Why?” the cla.s.s monitor asked.

“Why else?” the boy beside him chuckled. “His boyfriend is waiting for him at home.”

“No, he’s playing basketball.” Xiang Huaizhi stopped at the entrance of the basketball court. “Going now.”

Xiang Huaizhi hadn’t really bothered hiding the fact that he was dating someone. Later, he even brought Jing Huan with him to have a meal with them.

In this day and age, same-s.e.x dating was already no longer a rare occurance. At first, everyone was shocked, and then wished them well while embarra.s.singly being at a loss. After three rounds of drinking, they started to ask questions.

Jing Huan answered while laughing, responding with slightly reserved words, and everyone happily listened.

Xiang Huaizhi sat beside Jing Huan and occasionally inserted a sentence or two. At last, he covered Jing Huan’s cup, not letting him drink anymore.

“Who would’ve thought…” The cla.s.s monitor looked in the direction of Xiang Huaizhi’s departure and said, “That even our campus’ male G.o.d would actually fall in love.”

The court was already full. Xiang Huaizhi walked to the furthest corner, and when he found Jing Huan, he had just hit a fadeaway shot. His s.h.i.+rt swayed in the wind, revealing his pale, thin waist.

The ball did a lap around the rim and fell into the net.

Jing Huan’s lips proudly rose. He wiped off the sweat beside his mouth with the back of his hand before high-fiving Gao Zixiang and then going back to his defender position. He bent down, put his hands on his knees, and waited for the other side to kick off.

Their court was the most crowded. All of the boys exhausted from playing sat on the stone benches on the sidelines, enjoying the cool breeze while watching the game. Jing Huan had just thrown the ball when a boy sitting on the far right of the stone bench with his legs crossed whistled at him.

Jing Huan glanced in the direction of the sound but, within less than

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