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aihbi > Medical Master > Chapter 1078 - The Truth of the Envoys Death Exposed!
Chapter 1078 - The Truth of the Envoys Death Exposed!

Chapter 1078 The Truth of the Envoy’s Death Exposed!

“Excuse me, I’ve brought the body back.” In the hall of the headquarters of the Truth Division in Esfahan, one person ran into the hall, knelt down on one knee, and reported to the middle-aged man in fine clothes on the host seat.

“Military Counselor, Divine Envoy, let’s go and have a look together?” The middle-aged man in fine clothes on the host seat stood up.

“Okay,” the military counselor and the Divine Envoy answered at the same time, then got up and followed the middle-aged man out of the hall.

Soon, they came to a dark cell-like place.

“This is the special envoy from L’hexagone?” The three of them walked over to the corpse that had yet to decompose.

“It’s confirmed that this person is the envoy from L’hexagone, Abel, a powerful metahuman of fire element!” someone replied.

“Yeah. I’ve also heard of him.” The fat Divine Envoy nodded in agreement. While observing the body, he raised his eyebrows and said, “Judging from this body’s condition, the fatal wound is on his neck.”

“That’s right.” The old military counselor nodded, squatted down and looked at it, saying with certainty, “This wound is not simple!”

“As the envoy from L’hexagone, this person must have extraordinary strength. Otherwise, he would not have been sent to Zhongdong. Although his death is not harmless to us, it is not good for us as well,” the well-dressed middle-aged man raised his eyebrows slightly and murmured. “However, if L’hexagone receives the news that he has died in our territory, it would definitely not stand by. Now the situation in Zhongdong is very bad. If L’hexagone adopts some unusual movements, it will absolutely be more chaotic.”

“Chaotic? That depends on how chaotic it is.” The old military counselor shook his head and smiled. He stood up and pointed to the body on the ground, saying, “Divine Envoy is right. The fatal wound of the envoy is on his throat. Judging from the situation of the body, he should have been dead for a period of time, and has even been buried underground once. After the body has been turned from side to side, the wound still hasn’t rolled over and been disrupted. Instead, it is very thin, as if the flesh and skin are still connected together.

“This proves that the weapon used to kill him is very sharp!” Speaking of which, the old military counselor turned to look at the Divine Envoy and asked, “Divine Envoy, now who in Zhongdong is able to kill the envoy from L’hexagone and use sharp weapons to cause such a thin but fatal wound on a person’s body?”

The middle-aged man’s eyes lit up when he heard that!

“As far as I know, there are many people using sabers and swords, but among them, only one person can cause such a wound.” Seeming to think of something, the Divine Envoy pointed to the throat of the body, saying, “This wound is obviously the same as that on the chest of Thomas,

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